Knitting Accessories

Not be confused with Knitted Accessories which I sell in my etsy shop. Knitting accessories are things like stitch markers, row counters, darning needles and yes, even crochet hooks. You never know when you’ll need a crochet hook to catch and fix a dropped stitch. I keep mine in two separate bags. All my stitch markers are in one, everything else from my scissors to darning … Continue reading Knitting Accessories

Patterns: Free or Paid, designer thoughts

Before I started designing I didn’t really understand the difference between paid and free patterns. Now as a designer, I definitely understand why we charge. It’s a lot of time, mental strength (math!) and yarn to figure out bringing your brain child to life. Of my 11 designs, 9 are paid. The 2 that aren’t are dishcloths with pop culture designs that I could in … Continue reading Patterns: Free or Paid, designer thoughts

Pattern Review: Sunnyvale Socks

Sock pattern review time! I realized that the majority of my pattern reviews are on patterns by Knitatude and Woolfield Studio. But I can’t help it if my friends are talented (in my head I have may have said that in the voice of Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls). Anyway….Sunnyvale socks by Amanda of Birch and Lily! Overall, great pattern. The texture pattern is easy … Continue reading Pattern Review: Sunnyvale Socks

Why do you love your craft?

I love knitting. Shocker I know, but in all seriousness this hobby turned business has blossomed into so much more than I could’ve imagined just over 2 years ago when I attended my first knit night. I started knitting in September of 2015 because I was over the whole commercialization of Christmas and wanted to make gifts for people. Looking back they were not awesome … Continue reading Why do you love your craft?

Homemade Baby Blankets; what you might not think about

One of the first things I told the ladies at knit night after announcing my pregnancy was that I wasn’t going to make my own baby blanket. I’d made one earlier that year for my cousin and it was tedious. Fast forward to September of last year at Saskatoon Comic Expo and the only knitting I’d brought was stock, however it wasn’t flying off my … Continue reading Homemade Baby Blankets; what you might not think about