Pattern Review: Sunnyvale Socks

Sock pattern review time! I realized that the majority of my pattern reviews are on patterns by Knitatude and Woolfield Studio. But I can’t help it if my friends are talented (in my head I have may have said that in the voice of Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls). Anyway….Sunnyvale socks by Amanda of Birch and Lily! Overall, great pattern. The texture pattern is easy … Continue reading Pattern Review: Sunnyvale Socks

Pattern Review: Harvest Cardigan

I made this pattern using Knitologie’s Bouncy Worsted yarn in Schoolzone from knitcrate. I’m generally not a verigated yarn kinda gal but as it turns out, baby anything is hella cute. ┬áSo I searched Ravlery for patterns with the weight and yardage I had and viola! The Harvest cardigan appeared. I love this pattern because it comes in enough sizes I can make one for … Continue reading Pattern Review: Harvest Cardigan

Pattern Review: Pocketful of Stitches Tee

I had to the pleasure of testing Knitatude’s pattern this summer and once again she’s nailed it. It’s a classic raglan style tee with (as the name suggests) a pocket! The pocket is optional but it’s a fun addition. It comes in sizes S – XXXL and is form fitting/has no ease. I made mine with Berocco Cotton and while it was pleasant to work … Continue reading Pattern Review: Pocketful of Stitches Tee

Why do you love your craft?

I love knitting. Shocker I know, but in all seriousness this hobby turned business has blossomed into so much more than I could’ve imagined just over 2 years ago when I attended my first knit night. I started knitting in September of 2015 because I was over the whole commercialization of Christmas and wanted to make gifts for people. Looking back they were not awesome … Continue reading Why do you love your craft?

Homemade Baby Blankets; what you might not think about

One of the first things I told the ladies at knit night after announcing my pregnancy was that I wasn’t going to make my own baby blanket. I’d made one earlier that year for my cousin and it was tedious. Fast forward to September of last year at Saskatoon Comic Expo and the only knitting I’d brought was stock, however it wasn’t flying off my … Continue reading Homemade Baby Blankets; what you might not think about