Three ways on how to deal with Envy as a Maker

Recently I’ve been struggling a bit with envy towards other makers. Not in a “why are they succeeding” kind of way but more of a “why are so many makers that are SO much younger than me succeeding more than I am right now”. The short answer is that we’re all on our own journeys and comparing ourselves to each other does nothing to help … Continue reading Three ways on how to deal with Envy as a Maker

Knitting Accessories

Not be confused with Knitted Accessories which I sell in my etsy shop. Knitting accessories are things like stitch markers, row counters, darning needles and yes, even crochet hooks. You never know when you’ll need a crochet hook to catch and fix a dropped stitch. I keep mine in two separate bags. All my stitch markers are in one, everything else from my scissors to darning … Continue reading Knitting Accessories

Patterns: Free or Paid, designer thoughts

Before I started designing I didn’t really understand the difference between paid and free patterns. Now as a designer, I definitely understand why we charge. It’s a lot of time, mental strength (math!) and yarn to figure out bringing your brain child to life. Of my 11 designs, 9 are paid. The 2 that aren’t are dishcloths with pop culture designs that I could in … Continue reading Patterns: Free or Paid, designer thoughts